CES Las Vegas 2014 Wednesday

My first day at CES. It is Wednesday. I skipped the first few days with all the announcements.

Since I work an Animal Hospital the first thing I see are these little digital bones. It monitors your pet’s exercise activity. It connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth.


The next guy asked me “do you walk and text?” I said no I don’t. At least I try not but I really don’t. So this next booth is an iPhone case with swivel mirror by the camera lens. You download their app and display video showing where you should be looking while texting.


The next thing I saw was a bamboo stick resembling a hockey stick with tin cans on the bottom. It is a prototype of an ultrasonic mosquito killer. Just stick into water where mosquitoes live for 10 second and should kill 97% the larvae. Those that do survive will be quite smaller. A no chemical solution to mosquito problems.


The next one is an exercise machine designed to strengthen you ligament and muscle. It’s a elliptical machine fitted with foot brace that sway in and out. This is a common way athletes get injured by twisting their foot causing ACL tears. This helps strengthen the muscles supporting ACL ligaments. I tried it out and it feels like walking on slippery slopes.


The next thing I saw was a backup LED Light. It works without power up to four hours and you can use the regular switch to turn it off and on. You won’t even notice the power went out unless you look out see your neighbors power go out.


This is an iPhone case where you can plug your iPhone in.


A sleep monitoring device that goes under your bed sheet. It connect to an app to monitor your sleep and give advise for a better night sleep. It keeps a score on how well you sleep.


LiFi is a new way to go wireless. Data can be sent through light from an LED light source.


These heads are the results of 3D printing. The tan ones are the original. The machine can both scan and print 3D. You can also set the resolution. The higher the resolution the smoother the printed object.


These are universal remote with larger button for easier channel surfing in the dark.


These are sling pads for portable device. That way you won’t drop them.


These are actually Bluetooth speakers. It can also hold your electronic device and protect it from water.



Solar panels and 100 Watt power supply for your portable or outdoor needs. Great for emergencies and for onsite photographers.

IMG_4275 IMG_4276

A really thin subwoofer.


Inflatable solar LED light.


One wheel go board. Looks fun.


A new way to connect your devices. Combine magnets and USB port and you get Nanoport. From the makers of magnetic nanodots.


A view from the parking garage at the Venetian.


Of course some video clips from that day.

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  1. Ade says:

    The Paris and Planet Hollywood are next door to each other but the walk may take you 10 or 15 minutes, depneding upon how many people are on the sidewalk. NO!! you don’t need a car to get around in Vegas on the Strip. If you did get a car you would spend more time walking from the free hotel/casino parking lots, which are typically behind the hotels and a good ways from the casino and Strip sidewalk. Many of the hotel are connected by a footbridge, overpass over the street and some like the Paris and Ballys, have an inside connecting hallway. So you don’t even need to go outside. Caesars and the Mirage are next door to each other and after you walk through Caesars Forum shops you exit right at the doorway to the Mirage. Caesars is also connected to Bellagio by an overpass over Flamingo Rd. So you walk from one property right to the next. If you walk down to the NY, NY Hotel Casino you cross the street on an overpass that leads you right into the Excalibur hotel. Then there you can get a free tram that runs between Excalibur, Luxor and the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casinos. If you go to the back of Harrahs there is a free shuttle bus to take you to and from the Rio Hotel and right across the street from the Rio is the Palms and Gold Coast hotel casinos. Now if you are thinking about walking the whole strip from the Stratosphere Hotel casino all the way down to the Mandalay Bay, THAT IS a long walk and you would do better catching the public buses that run on the Strip all of the time.

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