Clarion Implosion @2:53 am February 10, 2015

Las Vegas is know for implosion and I couldn’t pass up the chance to see this one. This is a lesser known hotel and casino that has changed it’s name many times. Clarion was located near the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was the Convention Center’s outside parking lot gate that I positioned my camera. Got there a bit early. At first I was inside the parking lot but was escorted out. I set up my camera and waited. I got my Olympus TG-3 to record the video and my T5i with 15-85 mm lens. I stood and waited. Saw two private drones flying to take pictures. They were launched from separate parking lot on Riviera property. To my knowledge only one drone actually got footage to my knowledge. The count down started but barely audible and the building came down. A small stairwell portion remained standing. Dust smoke then headed our way and covered the Convention Center and West Gate area.

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