The year so far 2015

This year has been some what busy and rough at times.

  • It went off in a bad start with two of my photography bags stolen from my car. In it was my old T2i and a new Tamron 16-300 SP super zoom. I got a T5i as a replacement and it’s a nice camera.
  • Tires went flat overnight. One morning I found my tire flat from wear and tear.
  • I was thinking of going to art school to jump start into the photography business. I’ve been in talks with a recruiter but it’s too much for me financial even with financial aid. I went to the Arts Institute After Dark party and had a blast. The best part was when the fashion group visited us had a photo-shoot.
  • I had my dental amalgams removed. It took three sessions but now I’m mercury free.
  • And of course this blog. Much improved. Better, cleaner template and more organized.
  • I’ve watched and listened multiple Word Press tutorials some of them long winded and boring. It put me to sleep but after a bit delay you can see the a much improved website you are seeing right now.
  • Then there was the Clarion implosion which I posted earlier.

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